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A Message from Dowling Construction, Inc.

It is with great sadness and with heavy hearts, that we announce the passing of Glenn Fricke, our project manager of 18 years. 

Glenn and Jim Dowling met in 1989 when they both worked for PDQ Contractors and became friends.  Their bond flourished into years of shared family adventures, inside jokes and New Years’ Eve game nights.  Despite diverging careers paths, their friendship endured, a true testament to the depth of their connection.  In 1998, Jim started Dowling Construction and Glenn became one of Dowling’s client while working for SDSUF. In 2005, Jim’s owner responsibilities increased there was a need to hire a project manager. Glenn was the only candidate Jim would consider. 

Glenn accepted and pioneered the role of our first inaugural project manager solely dedicated to acquiring, estimating and managing project. He role leaving an indelible mark on our company’s history.

Glenn always and an exceptional work ethic.  He came in early, left late, and did whatever it took go above and beyond to ensure the job was completion to perfection.  Glenn’s infectious humor brightened our days, his love of rock music echoed through the office and unwavering dedication inspired us all.  

Above all, Glenn cherished his family.  He embodied the essence of a true family man.  Everything that he accomplished here at Dowling was done for the love his family. 

His presence will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him at #TeamDowling

We honor Glenn’s memory by caring forward his spirit of family, dedication, humor and love.  You will always hold a special place in our hearts and a special place in the legacy of Dowling Construction.

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