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Starting From the Top


Jim Dowling founded Dowling Construction in 1998.  His success is rooted in his hard work ethic and unique combination of field AND property management experience. He has molded Dowling Construction, Inc. into a well-rounded, balanced company specializing in T.I's. When he founded the company, he hired Gayle Johnson as his accountant, office manager, project coordinator, HR Manager, contract administrator, IT get the idea. In 2018 she became an owner and Vice President of Dowling Construction, Inc.   


Project Teams

Big or small, every project will be assigned a
Project Manager, Project Coordinator, & Superintendent. 
Project Teams 348x274_DSC7581.webp
Ryan Short, Project Manager &
Wanda Benedetto, Project Coordinator

Scott and Wanda.webp
Scott Kelly, Project Manager &
Wanda Benedetto, Project Coordinator

Project Temas 348x274_DSC7583.webp
Shelby Ballow, Project Manager &
Alyssa Warner, Project Coordinator


Chris Kurtz, Estimator


James Moss, Edgar Carmona, Mario Gonzalez, Chad Reed, Hector Lopez Carmona, Drew Haisch & Jared Kline

Field Team

Fleet Team
Admin Team
Admin 600x373_DSC7576.webp

Cynthia Bustamante, Gayle Johnson, Eleanor Brandt & Kelli Sanchez

And so the story goes.....

Dowling Construction, Inc. opened our doors for business in 1998 with 3 employees.  For the last couple of decades, we have steadily grown our business and services in tenant improvements and more!  Some have called us a "boutique contractor." This is because we customize every project and develop relationships with every one of our clients. We treasure our relationships with each of our clients, big and small, and continue to rely on word of mouth referrals and repeat business.  Our size provides us the freedom to adapt quickly to any changes and create any solutions needed for you; our clients. 

Our mission is to build trust & relationships-one project, one person, one square foot at a time for our clients through superior tenant improvements services and adding value to each and every building.

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