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Look who's talking

Marc D. Selznick

Vice President, Asset Management
Unire Real Estate Group, Inc.

"Our firm has worked with Dowling Construction for more than 14 years on office and R&D projects we manage in Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo and have found them to be highly responsive, well organized, and cost competitive.  Project management and jobsite supervision are significant strengths of Dowling.  We have a high level of confidence in their ability to implement complex construction projects on time and on budget.  Dowling also understands the needs of our tenants and always conduct themselves in a first class, professional manner."

Maya Hausmann, CPM®, LEED GA
Vice President, Operations
Harsch Investment Properties

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dowling Construction for over 16 years. Their entire team including field employees, accounting, project managers and coordinators are top notch. With their fearless leader Jim Dowling at the helm, the entire crew strives to provide utmost level of quality with unparallel levels of professionalism and integrity. They are my trustworthy partner who has delivered top notch quality Tenant Improvements year after year and has solved countless construction issues for me over the last two decades. I highly recommend them!"

Ken Kisbert

Region Manager of Commercial Properties

Ashcraft Investment

"I have known Jim for over 25 years now. I first met him on an office building project that I leased, and he did the tenant improvements. In a seven-month period, we leased and improved approximately 50,000 square feet. What I noticed from Jim and his crew when the improvements were done, was that none of the tenants called me after the fact to inform me that something was not completed. I was somewhat shocked because many contractors always had to go back and finish something they did not do or forgot to do.


From that point on, I used Jim whenever I could because I knew the tenant and owner would be in good hands during and upon completion of any tenant improvement job.


Over the last five years, I have been able to use Dowling Construction quite a bit more. Again, the quality of work and the quality of his employees has been top notch as it was when he was a smaller company 25 years ago. Over the years, I have been able to develop great relationships with most of his team members. Jim has developed a phenomenal culture with his team which is a reflection of him and his work ethic philosophy.


If you want the job done right, Jim and his team are the go-to contractor. "

Joseph E. Skrysak

Vice President


"We have been using Dowling Construction Company for the last fifteen years for most of our tenant improvement projects in San Diego.  With a retail and industrial portfolio that at one time exceeded 1.5 million square feet, it was important for us to utilize contractors of the highest integrity that could complete projects on time and within established budget parameters.  Dowling Construction has always come through and has consistently exceeded our expectations.  They are professional, safety-minded, budget conscious, and a pleasure to work with.  I would not hesitate to recommend them for any project regardless of size or complexity."

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